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Top Ten Emtek Hardware Pulls for Modern Interior Design

Hardware pulls are often the small details that can tie everything together. They offer an accent or added flourish that can tie a room together. Emtek, renowned for its quality and innovative designs, offers a wide range of pulls that can enhance any space. Here, we list our 10 favorite Emtek hardware pulls that stand out for their style, functionality, and ability to elevate modern interiors.

1. The Emtek Edge Pull

The Emtek Edge Pull is the epitome of sleek minimalism. Its clean lines and unobtrusive design make it an excellent choice for contemporary cabinetry. This pull integrates seamlessly with the cabinet edge, ensuring a streamlined look that is both sophisticated and practical.

2. The Emtek Trinity Pull

Characterized by its elegant curves and refined silhouette, the Emtek Trinity Pull adds a touch of grace to any drawer or cabinet. Its unique shape provides a comfortable grip, marrying form with function in a modern sensibility.

3. The Emtek Westridge Pull

For those who appreciate a hint of industrial flair, the Emtek Westridge Pull offers a robust design with distinctive detailing. Its solid construction and bold appearance make it a standout choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms.

4. The Emtek Trail Pull

The Emtek Trail Pull is known for its simplicity and versatility. Its slender profile and smooth finish adapt well to various design themes, from ultra-modern to transitional.

5. The Emtek Bar Pull

One of the classic Emtek hardware pulls, the Bar Pull brings a timeless elegance to cabinets and drawers. Its straightforward design and solid feel provide both visual and tactile satisfaction, making it a go-to option for designers.

6. The Emtek Geometrical Rectangular Cabinet Pull

The Emtek Geometrical Rectangular Cabinet Pull introduces a sculptural element to cabinetry, offering a modern twist on traditional hardware. Its sharp angles and flat surfaces reflect light beautifully, adding depth and dimension.

7. The Emtek Jasper Finger Cabinet Pull

Minimalist yet striking, the Emtek Jasper Finger Cabinet Pull is designed for those who love clean, uncluttered spaces. This pull is all about the details, providing a touch of understated luxury. This remains one of the most popular Emtek hardware pulls for a reason.

8. The Emtek Westwood Pull

The Emtek Westwood Pull combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Its sturdy build and comfortable grip make it ideal for frequent use, while its contemporary design aligns perfectly with modern interior trends.

9. The Emtek Freestone Cabinet Pull

The Emtek Freestone Cabinet Pull features an organic, pebble-like form, offering a tactile experience that is both surprising and delightful, proving that even the smallest details can have a significant impact on design.

10. The Emtek Alexander Pull

The Emtek Alexander Pull fuses unparalleled artisanship with distinctive styling, bringing refinement to cabinetry and furniture in kitchens and bathrooms. Constructed from solid brass and offered in a variety of finishes including oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, satin brass, flat black, polished chrome, and polished nickel, this pull adds a charm to any interior.

Where to Find Emtek Hardware Pulls

Now that you’ve heard about our favorite Emtek hardware pulls, it’s time to find the right one for your next project. Express Hardware Direct has a massive collection of pulls, in different colors and sizes.
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