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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Emtek Cabinet Hardware Pulls for Your Kitchen

A big part of how your kitchen will look at the end of a renovation depends on the hardware that you choose to go on the cabinets and the drawers. Hardware refers to the handles, knobs, and pulls that go onto the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. How do you choose and what are the things to think about to make the best decision? Making the choice to go with Emtek cabinet hardware pulls for your new kitchen is easy because they are high-quality and durable, with a lot of options as well. But what else needs to be considered?

The Type of Hardware

Emtek cabinet hardware is available in different styles to suit all types of kitchens. With new renovations, has your kitchen been kept traditional or has it been updated to be more contemporary? Contemporary generally means more streamlined, with clean lines. The hardware chosen for modern kitchens reflects this. Its best to choose cabinet hardware that is contemporary in a more modern kitchen as it looks the best. If you opt for a traditional style kitchen, this hardware style can also blend. The choices you have in Emtek cabinet hardware includes some traditional styles as well. This means that the hardware may have more curves and detail, but like their contemporary hardware counterparts, these styles of hardware pulls are simple and elegant.

Your cabinet hardware does not have to be the same throughout the kitchen but keeping it similar, with only changes for size and sturdiness, will provide unity in your design.

The Hardware Material

Another important consideration is the material that your cabinet hardware is made from. Brass, bronze, and stainless steel are popular choices for the material. Another consideration for your Emtek cabinet hardware is the finish of the material. Flat black, chrome, nickel, and the type of polish are important considerations. If the kitchen is more modern, consider polished chrome or satin-finished nickel. In a traditional kitchen, oil-rubbed bronze or brass is timeless and sophisticated.

Some options in Emtek cabinet hardware can even blend two styles for balance or can be a bit more rustic. Rustic cabinet hardware has a more weathered or aged appearance and will look great in a farmhouse kitchen.

Caring For and Installing Emtek Cabinet Hardware

Choosing good quality kitchen hardware is the most important consideration. It is after all something that will be looked at and used many times a day. That means choosing cabinet pulls and other hardware that is up to frequent touching and handling. Look for items and materials that are not hard to clean. Dust and dirt can be easily removed with a swipe of a cloth. For tougher jobs, a bit of warm water on a soft cloth can be used to avoid damaging the hardware. Consider something that is also easy to install. If it is just the hardware that is being replaced, choices are limited to pulls, handles, or knobs that fit the existing holes and sizing in your kitchen.

Emtek cabinet hardware is available in styles and options for every kitchen or area in the home. Choosing the right hardware does depend on understanding how style, pricing, material, and finish fit together and how it can be mixed and used. Emtek cabinet hardware is versatile, comes with a warranty, and is easy to install and care for.
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